Secure Data Rooms – How to Securely Share Confidential Documents With Third Parties

Secure Data Rooms are used by businesses to protect confidential documents with third parties in transactions. These files contain private documents, IP, and copyrighted work that is not re-created without the consent of the company. This type of information is beneficial to your organization, particularly in today’s high-speed business environment. Speed shouldn’t be sacrificed for security. When you’re negotiating deals with investors as well as potential M&A partners or potential targets, making use of the right tools for sharing data securely can be vital.

It’s important to remember that not all online data rooms are created equal. Although the majority of them employ combination of security features that ensure only authorized users can view specific documents, it is important to also keep in mind that not all of them have the same security levels. This is especially applicable when it comes to for users to print or browse documents off-line.

Based on our experience, the majority of secure data storage facilities that offer this feature rely heavily on password protection in order to ensure that only a single person is able to access the data. This level of security isn’t sufficient because it does not address the risk that the user will share their login credentials or allow another to access data. Additionally, many platforms that permit document downloads for offline viewing – especially PDFs – lack security protections at all or offer only weak protections (such as watermarks). Digify’s solution for a virtual data room does not rely solely on passwords or weak authentication mechanisms in order to ensure that only authorized users can access and print documents. Instead, our system utilizes advanced data protection methods like encryption as well as multi-factor authentication. It also includes security monitoring in real-time to ensure that no one is able to access the data.